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Dip moulding, thermosealed and sewn

Bellows for protection of mechanical organs: cylinder rods, spindles, shafts, cardans, rods, robot arms.

Made with standard and modular tools, allowing to make many measurements without any tooling cost

Fuelles cilíndricos. Iberfuelle
fuelles plegados-iberfuelle


Rectangular, square and polygonal

Bellows for linear protections, guides, machine benches, racks, lifting tables, components or parts of a machine. Against dust, acids, bases, oils, coolants, shavings, abrasives, projections, …

Our manufacturing system allows to adapt to any dimension.

Tell us your need for protection and our commercial technicians will provide you with the best solution.

Roller cover protections

The roller covers can be applied alternately to the fabric bellows when the available space is very small and a total tightness is not necessary.

It is a flexible, retractable, permanently tensioned, easy-to-install protection, although in some cases it may require guiding. They can be installed vertically, horizontally or transversely.

They can be made with or without housing.

Autoenrollables con y sin cajón-iberfuelle
Persianas aluminio-iberfuelle


 High quality hardened anodized aluminum blinds according to plan or measures provided, for protection of machinery. Hollow or solid, with riveted or screwed connections.

Tell us your need for protection and our commercial technicians will provide you with the best solution.


Blue steel or stainless steel

The telescopic springs are used to protect the shafts or spindles both threaded and ball. They ensure the correct protection against chips, dirt or mechanical damage, providing a proper sealing function. In addition to ensuring the protection of the operator, avoiding accidents.


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